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Focusing On Security

3 Important Reasons To Have Security Guard Services For Your Event

Charlie Fuller

Are you planning an entertainment event? If so, you have likely thought of almost every detail. Hopefully, security is one of them. Perhaps you plan to let some of your friends handle this part of your event. However, you need to take a moment and ponder over whether they have the skills needed to make your event safe and secure. One or more trained security guards are worth the expense for event planners. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when untrained individuals attempt to act as security at events. The following points highlight the value of using professional security guard services.


Some venues have clauses in their contracts that make it mandatory to have security in attendance. If you hire untrained individuals and something goes awry, you could be held liable for breach of contract. This could end badly and cost you money. 

Prevent Crimes

There are a variety of crimes that can take place at entertainment events. Sometimes criminals go to these locations with plans to commit acts such as robberies, vandalism, or car thefts. As part of your professional security guard services plan, you can have security in the parking lot and other locations such as the door and inside the venue. The presence of officers can be intimidating and prevent crimes. If a crime occurs, security guards are trained to react appropriately. Untrained individuals might panic or take actions that put attendees at risk for injuries.

Door Screening

Security guard services can screen all individuals who want to enter the venue. They can check for weapons. If there is a dress code or certain types of clothing that are prohibited, they can ensure that these things are strictly enforced.

Door screening can also protect you if you have a minimum age requirement, which is common when alcohol will be served. the guard(s) can check IDs and ensure that everyone who enters is old enough. You might also want them to give special wristbands to make it easy to identify who is old enough to consume alcoholic beverages. Door screening also ensures that your event maintains crowd control and does not exceed the capacity of the venue.

A security guard services company is a good resource to use to learn more about creating a customized security plan for your event. You can hire as many officers as needed. They can help you determine this based on the number of attendees you expect. The company can also help you understand the differences between armed and unarmed guards. 

Reach out to a security officer service to learn more.


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