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Focusing On Security

How A Night Security Guard Helps Your Luxury Shop Stay Safe From Theft And Vandalism At Night

Charlie Fuller

If you own a store that sells luxury goods or expensive jewelry, your inventory could be vulnerable at night when no employees are around. That's why you should consider hiring a night security guard even if you don't need extra security during the day. Having a night security guard ensures there will always be someone on your property to watch for vandalism and robbery. Here are the benefits of having a night guard protect your business.

The Sight Of A Guard Is A Crime Deterrent

You might prevent problems with crime by having a security guard visible in your parking lot. A guard might patrol on foot or by car. If a vandal sees the guard, they may move on to a different property and leave your store alone. One of the important duties of a night guard is to keep a visible presence on your property to act as a crime deterrent.

A Guard Can React Quickly To A Threat

Having a guard on the premises also keeps your building and inventory safer. A patrolling guard can catch issues like fire, electrical problems, and other threats that might arise. By catching problems quickly, the fire department or police can arrive sooner to get the problem under control. Plus, the guard can pick up on suspicious behavior of cars and pedestrians and call for backup when needed to keep your property safe.

A Night Security Guard Helps Employees Feel Safe

If you have employees that work after dark or that come to work early when it's still dark, they may feel safer with a security guard on the property. The guard can watch as the employees exit or enter the building so they stay safe in the parking lot. The guard also watches over the entrances so the employees are safe while working inside during the late night or early morning.

A Night Security Guard Prevents Loss

Since crime often happens at night under the cover of darkness, having a night security guard helps protect you against loss. This includes loss of inventory through theft and also loss caused by vandalism to your store. Cleaning off graffiti or replacing broken glass can be expensive and interrupt your usual course of business. Graffiti and other types of vandalism may even hurt your business since it could make customers feel unsafe.

Prevent these problems by hiring a security company to provide a security guard every night. Having a guard supplied by a security company removes the burden of finding qualified guards, scheduling them, and adding them to your payroll.

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