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Focusing On Security

The Benefits Of Hiring A 24-Hour Security Guard

Charlie Fuller

If you do not currently make use of a security guard in your business, you may want to seriously consider adding one of these guards to your current security measures. This is because there are many benefits that come along with choosing to hire a 24-hour security guard for your business. Continue reading to learn more about some of these benefits. 

Benefit #1: Help Deter Criminals After Closing Time

Even if your business is not open 24 hours a day, you could still benefit from hiring a 24-hour security guard. This is because many criminals choose to wait until a business has closed for the day in order to target them. Oftentimes these criminals feel as though they have a better chance of getting away with their crime if there is no one on-site to immediately detect their presence. Having a security guard on duty around the clock can help to deter these criminals from targeting your business. In many cases being able to prevent even a single robbery or act of vandalism while you are closed will offset the cost of hiring a 24-hour security guard to protect your property.

Benefit #2: Ensure Action Is Taken Quickly

One of the biggest issues with common security measures such as an alarm system or security camera is that there is always a delay in when a problem is detected and when this problem can be addressed. For example, while a security camera can help you to catch video footage of a thief which could ultimately help law enforcement prosecute them, this footage will do nothing to stop your items from being stolen. Having a 24-hour security guard on the premises will ensure that quick action can be taken if there is ever a problem. 

Benefit #3: Eliminate Vulnerabilities In Existing Security Measures

All security measures are bound to have vulnerabilities. For example, electronic devices could be hacked or otherwise disabled in order to prevent them from working properly. Security cameras may also have blind spots that an intruder could take advantage of in order to go undetected. A 24-hour security guard can help to eliminate these vulnerabilities by providing a fluid element to your security plan. For instance, a security guard can eliminate the issue of blind spots in your camera system by completing rounds of the property at regular intervals. Having someone monitoring devices such as security cameras and alarm systems will also ensure that these devices cannot be disabled without being detected. 

For more information, contact a local company that offers 24-hour security monitoring services. 


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