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Focusing On Security

Customer Care Attributes Of A Uniformed Security Guard

Charlie Fuller

Uniformed security guards are increasingly filling the role of customer care officers. The first person you are likely to encounter at any organization is a uniformed security guard. While all uniformed guards have security training, not all have customer care skills. This article evaluates some critical customer care attributes that uniformed security guards should have.

A Warm Personality

An ideal uniformed security guard should be friendly and warm to the customers. Firstly, the guard should avoid using threats and commands when talking to clients. Instead, an ideal guard explains instructions in a polite and caring manner. Such a guard can command respect and cooperation from clients. More so, a friendly guard is helpful and resourceful. They should offer guidance and information that gives customers a sense of direction. For instance, the guard can provide direction to offices and information on company working hours.

Good Communication Skills 

Effective communication involves clarity of speech and active listening. The interaction between uniformed security guards and clients requires spoken communication. An ideal guard should be able to give explicit instruction. More so, the security guard should speak with an energetic tone that exudes confidence. The officer should also practice active listening, such as paraphrasing and maintaining eye contact to establish rapport with clients.

Conflict Resolution Skills 

An effective uniformed security guard should deescalate a potentially problematic situation. Many situations can lead to a conflict between clients and with the staff in the workplace. For example, a dissatisfied customer may lose their temper and start shouting and hurling insults. Ideally, a security guard would intervene to handle the conflict. In such a situation, the use of force should be the last cause of action. Instead, the guard should be able to use reason and negotiation skills to calm the client. Therefore, an ideal uniformed security guard can deescalate rather than escalate violence in a situation.

Good Personal Grooming

A security guard's ability to deter crime starts with the appearance. Armed security guards rely on a firearm to show authority. In comparison, uniformed security guards rely on the uniform to command respect. Thus, personal grooming is essential for uniformed security guards. An ideal security guard should be neat and maintain their uniform. Good personal grooming shows professionalism, deters crime, and exudes a sense of pride. 

Contracting uniformed security guards will enhance security and safety. However, consider hiring the services of professional guards with attributes that support your customer care needs.


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