Focusing On Security

Focusing On Security

4 Ways To Increase The Security Of Your Construction Site

Charlie Fuller

A construction site is an area that is a work in progress, full of expensive equipment. When you run a construction site, you want to make sure you keep everything secure. You don't want your building supplies to get damaged, nor do you want your work to be damaged either. Ensuring the safety of your construction site requires a plan.

#1: Have a Clear Employee Theft Policy

First, make sure that you have a clear employee theft policy. The truth is that at any job, employee theft is something you need to protect against. Clarify that the site's equipment belongs on the site and that employees are not allowed to take it home with you or use it on unrelated projects. Ensure you have a very clear written policy for your employees and be clear about the consequences of theft. This should help you reduce or avoid employee theft.

#2: Register Your Equipment

Second, register your equipment and have a complete inventory of your equipment. You want to have a detailed list of all your gear, as well as serial numbers. That way, if someone does steal something from your construction site, you can provide the police with all the information they need to identify your construction equipment.

#3: Mobile Video System

Third, install a mobile video guard system. Put up videos around your construction site that will keep an eye on everything. You are going to want to have a security system monitor your video system at all times. A mobile video guard system can be an affordable way to make sure someone always has an eye on your construction site and can notify law enforcement if someone is on your worksite who is unauthorized.

#4: Mobile Security Guard

Finally, hire a mobile security guard service. A security guard who is present to walk around your construction site can help keep away vandals and gawkers who may want to steal your equipment or who may want access to the construction site, which could put their safety at risk. Having someone always present at your site can help increase its security.

When it comes to ensuring that your construction site is safe, you will want to have a clear employee theft policy so employees know how they are allowed to use your equipment. You should keep a registered inventory of all of your equipment so you have the right information to share with authorities should your equipment get stolen. A mobile video system that is remotely monitored, as well as an on-site security guard, further increases the protection of your equipment and the security of the project you are working on.

Reach out to a local construction security company for more tips on construction site security.


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