Focusing On Security

Focusing On Security

3 Reasons Security Is A Must-Have For Large Events

Charlie Fuller

You may be on the fence about whether or not you need security at a major event, especially if the event is not expected to be rowdy, such as a craft fair. There are several reasons event security is of critical importance both for the longevity of your event and the safety of attendees.


When you have security at any event, even if there are only a couple of security officers, it shows you care about the event and attendees. In the event that a problem was to occur and there was no one available to help, this could ruin the reputation of the event. When your event occurs frequently, such as a seasonal or annual event, you will likely see a downturn in attendance because the event may be viewed as unsafe or only driven by profits. Just the presence of security patrol services can make people feel safer and more comfortable going to the event.


Security officers frequently work the crowds to identify issues that could escalate quickly. In general, a lack of security may attract rowdier crowds that would ordinarily avoid areas where they are being monitored. Some activities your security officers will watch out for is drug/alcohol use. In most cases, anyone underage or using illegal drugs will keep these items out of view, but officers will likely be familiar with the smell of certain drugs and they are aware of tactics used to hide contraband. Another potential concern in some locations will be groups of youth that show up in distinctive colors that could be associated with gang activity. This can be harmless, but if a rival gang also shows up, the situation needs to be de-escalated quickly.

Helping Attendees

Event security is more complex than working the crowds and looking for troublemakers. Security officers also offer help for attendees. Since they should be aware of major areas at the event, they can point out where the food, bathroom, or exits are. Some officers may help with parking and at the gates so everyone can enter and leave in an orderly fashion. When security officers are trained in basic first aid and CPR, their presence could be life-saving. There is always the chance someone will have a cardiac emergency or become injured at the event. Security personnel can help until first responders arrive and keep the crowds under control.

It is always better to be safe than sorry and have at least one security officer at your event. Showing attendees you care about their needs and safety will reflect positively on your event.


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