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3 Reasons Why Apartment Complexes Should Hire On-Site Security Guards

Charlie Fuller

For both residents and property managers, the safety of an apartment complex is an important concern. Residents who don't feel safe living in an apartment complex may move out, leaving numerous units vacant. Unsafe apartment complex also tend to attract poor-quality tenants, who only contribute to the problem.

Thankfully, there's an easy and inexpensive way for property managers to improve community safety: hire an on-site unarmed security guard. They're able to quickly respond to any suspicious behavior on the grounds of the complex, and they'll make residents feel much safer. Below, you'll find three reasons why apartment complexes should hire on-site security services.

1. Provides Documentation on Problem Tenants and Leasing Violations

Many issues that arise in an apartment complex can significantly reduce the quality of life for your tenants but aren't necessarily considered matters for the police. On-site security is able to quickly address these situations.

For example, you may have a tenant that frequently plays loud music at night, annoying their neighbors. Their neighbors can call the police, but noise violations are a very low priority for them — the problem tenant may have stopped playing music by the time that they arrive. While you can enforce quiet hours as part of your leasing agreement, it can be difficult to gather enough evidence to terminate the problem tenant's lease when police don't arrive soon enough and you're not on the property.

On-site security guards can respond to problems within minutes and document them, which allows you to document problem tenants. Additionally, security guards will routinely perform walking patrols as part of their duties. This allows them to spot other leasing violations, such as tenants placing outdoor grills on their patios — this is commonly banned by apartment complexes due to it creating a fire hazard. You'll be able to send letters to tenants with documentation of their violations, which can give them the push that they need to stop.

2. Addresses Resident Concerns About Suspicious Behavior

As a property manager, you know that your long-time residents are often the best watchmen that you can have. They know who lives in your complex and who doesn't and are able to spot suspicious behavior. However, they may feel uncomfortable calling the police about a gut feeling that they have.

Instead, your residents are able to call your on-site security to check up on any suspicious activity that they spot. Often, the presence of a security guard is enough to deter criminal behavior — a security vehicle driving by may be enough to scare away a burglar looking for unlocked apartments to break in to. Your residents will feel safer knowing that their concerns will be attended to promptly by on-site security.

3. Improves Community Safety and Tenant Quality

When people are looking for an apartment to rent, the safety of the community is often one of their top concerns. When you have an on-site security guard, you're able to advertise this in your apartment listings. Having security at your apartment complex helps to attract quality tenants and can deter those who would rather live in an apartment complex that's not under the watchful eye of an on-site security guard.

Finally, hiring an unarmed security guard for your apartment complex is relatively inexpensive. If you're interested in protecting your apartment complex and your tenants, contact a security company in your area and ask about their rates to hire on-site security.

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