Focusing On Security

Focusing On Security

Three Details Your Security Guard Needs For Your Housing Complex

Charlie Fuller

Housing complexes that are gated tend to fetch a pretty penny in comparison to neighborhoods that are not gated. Gated communities tend to be safer and they tend to display a better family aspect. Parents are more likely to allow children to play outside when the kids cannot go outside of the gate and when no unauthorized people or cars will be allowed inside. Houses inside of a gated complex are also less likely to be burglarized nor have people deface them. In addition to having a gated housing complex, it is a good idea to have a security guard for the front gate. Here are three details that your security guard should have when working in the community. 

A license to be armed

Security guards that work in a housing complex are most likely to perform regular patrols or to allow people into the complex. Although most of the job will be routine, they should be capable of maintaining safety if any trouble arises. For this reason, all of the security guards that work in your complex should be armed and have a license to carry for their job. Though the likelihood of the guns needing to be used is minimal, them being armed provides a safety factor on its own by scaring away potential criminals. 

They should have cell phones and a phone in the control room

Most guards will spend their time stationed at the front of the complex. This will allow them to let visitors inside of the complex and to monitor the ongoings of the complex from the front. Guards should also have a schedule to drive through the gated community and determine what is happening throughout the community. For this reason, the guards need to be equipped with cellular phones. This will allow them to keep in contact with one another, have people in the community call them for aid, or call for emergency services when necessary. 

Proper uniforms

It is necessary, in an emergency, to distinguish who the emergency personnel are. If you want children to be able to call the community guards for aid, they will need to know how the guards will look so that they know who to trust. Establishing a uniform for the housing complex guards is a professional way to be able to determine who the community aids are. Be sure that the guard's uniforms look different from the average police or first responder uniform so that they are easily identified and so that the uniform cannot be duplicated by outsiders. 

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