Focusing On Security

Focusing On Security

Ways That A Security Officer Can Improve The Safety Of Your Flea Market

Charlie Fuller

If you run a flea market, swap meet, or an equivalent event, you probably spend a lot of time advertising in the hopes of getting vendors and customers alike to turn up during the event's hours of business. It's important to also give some thought to the safety of everyone in attendance, and that can include hiring an armed security officer — or more than one, depending on the size of the venue in which you hold the flea market. A trained and uniformed security officer can bolster your event in several ways, including the following.

Intervening In Disputes Over Items

Flea markets and swap meets will sometimes attract unscrupulous sellers who are eager to deal in counterfeit items — clothing, jewelry, autographed items, and more. Doing so is illegal, but your more pressing concern is the risk of disputes arising after the sale of such an item. For example, if a customer were to buy a counterfeit purse under the assumption that it's real, and then realize later on that the price was too good to be true, he or she might return to confront the seller. An argument is apt to break out, and the situation could soon turn physical. A security officer on the scene can intervene and ensure that the customer gets his or her money back.

Preventing Theft

People can also target flea markets and swap meets for theft because they know that buyers and sellers alike often carry large quantities of cash. A thief may attempt to grab the cash box from a vendor when no one is looking or remove it by force, or may commit an armed robbery of a customer in the parking lot. You can't afford to have your flea market get a reputation as a dangerous place, so having a security officer on duty will be critical to preventing thefts and robberies.

Diffusing Conflicts Between Sellers

In this type of competitive environment, sellers can sometimes get into arguments. For example, one seller might accuse another of undercutting his or her prices, while another might state that a vendor has been maligning his or her products to customers. This is another scenario in which a verbal disagreement has the potential to turn into a physical altercation, which isn't what you want at your flea market or swap meet. Your armed security officer will possess expert negotiation skills to help diffuse such conflicts. Speak to security companies like Schaad Detective Agency to talk about your needs for your event.


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