Focusing On Security

Focusing On Security

Four Ways To Improve Security At Your Construction Job Sites

Charlie Fuller

Theft and vandalism are major concerns at construction sites, especially after hours and overnight when there is no staff on duty. If you are concerned about security at your construction jobsite, the following strategies can help you rest easy by providing the safety and security necessary.

#1: Fence off the entire jobsite

The right type of fencing can go a long way toward protecting equipment on a jobsite. Invest in weighted or anchored temporary fencing with panels at least 10 feet tall. If available and legal in the area, razor or barbwire along the top of the fence can further discourage trespassing. Inspect the fence after it's installed. There should be no gaps between panels, the bottom should be nearly flush to the ground, and gates should secure closed with no gapping.

#2: Install Lighting

One draw of construction sites is that they are dark, so the bad guys can operate without being seen. Installing a construction floodlight or two can help discourage trespassing since they won't be able to work unseen. You don't need a lot of lights and there is no need to light up the whole neighborhood. If you are concerned about costs or don't have dependable electricity at the site, you can get battery-run motion lights to solve both problems.

#3: Lock everything up

Never leave keys in construction equipment when it isn't in use. All keys should be removed from the equipment and preferably stored off-site (or at least in a locked location on-site). If vehicles have doors that can lock or alarms that can be equipped, then make sure they are at the end of the day. You can even chain up some equipment, such as generators, so they don't disappear. As for tools and smaller equipment, renting a sturdy storage locker and having it placed on-site can cut down on theft. At the end of each workday, walk the site and make sure all tools are locked up in the storage locker and that equipment is secured.

#4: Hire security

Although the previous tips can help discourage thieves, having eyes on your site is the only way to truly ensure security. Depending on your needs, you can have security patrolling all night or you can hire a service that provides drive-by patrols at intervals through the night. Some services even provide remote security by installing temporary cameras and monitoring them when an security guard isn't on-site.

Protecting your equipment and work is of utmost importance, so contact a construction security firm, such as FCSS Corp., today.  


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