Focusing On Security

Focusing On Security

Buying Your First Home And Want It Secured? Tips On Home Security

Charlie Fuller

If you are buying your first home this is an exciting time, but you also want to feel safe. Fortunately, you can do this by installing home security. Below is one type of security system you can have installed, as well as installing video verification in case there is a false trigger.

Monitored Security System

There are different types of systems you can choose from but the one that offers the most protection is the monitored system. With this, a home security company will install a control panel inside your home, generally near the front door. From this control panel you can enter a pass code, turn the alarm off, and more.

The security company will install sensors on all doors and windows, as well as any other entry points where someone may break in. If someone were to break in the sensor would go off and trigger the alarm.

When the alarm is triggered it notifies the security company who then contacts local police, fire, ambulance, etc. to come quickly to your home. The main drawback to this type of security system is it uses your landline which means the burglar could easily cut the phone line to turn the security system off. Fortunately, you can use your smartphone as an alternative to your landline.

Video Verification

If you have children or pets you should consider installing video verification. This is because there is an increased chance that one of your children or pets could accidentally trigger the alarm. If your security system goes off unintentionally this is a waste of time for police, fire department, etc.  Another cause of the alarm system accidentally going off is the system may malfunction. No matter the reason, you can use video verification to take care of this problem.

With video verification security cameras will be installed at your home. When the alarm is triggered the event is recorded by the security cameras. You will receive a text notifying you that the alarm is triggered. You can then view the video footage from your smartphone to see why the alarm went off.

The security company will also receive a text or email notifying them your alarm was triggered. They can then look at the video footage to ensure the alarm went off due to an emergency. They will then send authorities to your home.

Talk with a home security company, like Alarm Protection Services, as well as a video verification company about this information to learn much more about these systems.  


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