Focusing On Security

Focusing On Security

Three Ways That Not Having Security For Your Abandoned Historical Site Could Cost You

Charlie Fuller

Many private citizens, state, and local governments own historical sites that have fallen into disrepair and been abandoned. These sites — including abandoned hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and even empty shopping centers — may not seem to have much value for the average person, but they can be highly attractive for certain members of society. Those who deem themselves urban explorers will often visit abandoned facilities and frequently document their adventures through YouTube videos and photo blogs, but some will also cause mischief. If you own an abandoned site, you want to keep these people out, but doing so can take more than fencing and security cameras. Hiring security patrol officers for your abandoned sites can prevent the following costly issues.

Damage To Your Property

A lot of urban explorers pride themselves on leaving abandoned sites undisturbed, but not everyone takes this approach. There are some people who will visit the site for parties or general recklessness, and this behavior can prove to be costly to you. For example, if a group of people were to throw a party inside one of your buildings, it could face significant damage. You might be hoping to sell the building and property, and this damage could result in you getting less money for it. With security officers patrolling the site, such damage would be unlikely.

Injuries And Legal Issues

The law concerning people getting injured on property while trespassing can sometimes be iffy, which can be a concern for you if someone were to get hurt while trespassing in your abandoned building — perhaps falling through a rotten floor, for example. This person may hire an attorney and sue you for damages, and while your attorney would be quick to argue that the person was negligent because of his or her trespassing, you'd still find yourself in a costly and time-consuming legal battle.

Other Criminal Activities

The abandoned nature of your building may make it desirable to the criminal element. For example, someone who has stolen a vehicle may seek to hide it if you have a garage-like structure with vehicular access. Behavior of this nature can increase when word gets out among the area's criminals that your property is suitable for criminal activities. The good news is that when you arrange to have security officers from a local security company on patrol, you can feel confident that you'll avoid each of these potential problems.

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